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Dolshe provide 2 ranges of Co-ordinated Items: Cara and Coral

Within each range there are a variety of coloured plastic bathroom accessories that can be displayed together as part of a matching set.

  • B202

    Coral Soap Box, Available in opaque and translucent variants.

  • B223

    Coral Toothbrush Holder, Available in opaque and translucent variants.

  • B234

    Coral Tumbler, Available in opaque and translucent variants.

  • DB15

    Coral Denture Box, available in 4 colour variants

  • BB60

    Coral Bathing Brush, Available in 4 colour varaints

  • NB30

    Coral Gripper Nail Brush, Available in 4 colour variants 

  • MI22

    Coral Folding Mirror, Available in 4 colour variants 

  • DNB57

    Deluxe Nail Brush


Check out a selection from our range of Face Cloths

Ranging from bright & bold, to plain pastel designs, beautiful printed designs and fun children’s designs, we have a large range of styles available.

  • T202-DB

    Pastel Plain Ribbed Face Cloth

  • YSN13

    30cm square face cloth with flower design. 

  • BF02-DB

    2 Pack Plain Face Cloths within a display box

  • T456

    Rose Printed Face cloth, available in 3 variants

  • T457

    Aqua themed Face Cloth 

  • T459

    Whale design face cloth

  • T460

    Sun print face cloth (100% Cotton Velour)

  • T224

    Plain Face Cloth with Viscose Border


Exfoliating Products

Bring the Spa Home, with our beautiful selection of Exfoliating products

Check out a small selection of products from our exfoliating range, perfect for your very own home spa

  • SG08

    Exfoliating Gloves

  • S102

    Exfoliating Nylon Mesh Face Cloth

  • PM64

    Coral Pumice Stone

  • BM51-COL

    Deluxe Mesh Body Sponge 

  • TS30

    Sisal Sponge

  • L020

    Disposable facial Loofah Pads

  • FF16

    Deluxe Foot File

  • BB69

    Deluxe Wooden Bathing Brush


Shower Caps & Bags

Check out our selection of Shower caps & Shower Bags

Shower Caps and Cosmetic Bags are available in many different designs. Dry hair and a place for makeup are essential. Quality Drawstring Bags are also available to chuck other bits and bobs in. They are ideal for use when travelling.

  • S730

    Fun Printed Pink Shower Cap (4 assorted)

  • SCS15

    Shower Cap & Slipper Set with Polka-Dot Design

  • S754

    Floral Printed Shower Cap

  • S750

    Bright Floral Printed Shower Cap

  • S753

    Daisy Printed Drawstring Bag

  • S650

    Large Chequered Drawstring Bag

  • S660

    Children's Large Drawstring Bag

  • S625

    Small Plain Drawstring Bag


Moisturising Accessories

We have some Gloves & Socks to aid with Moisturising and give your skin a really great feel!

  • MG72

    Moisturising Gloves

  • MS74

    Moisturising Socks

  • WM30

    Microfibre Body & Facial Mitt Set

  • LA58

    Wooden Lotion Applicator


Personal Care

Dolshe provide a wide range of bathroom accessories and personal care items. 

These include Bath & Nail Brushes, Combs and Hairbrushes, Mirrors, Manicure Sets, Indoor Socks & Slippers and Gift Sets.

  • M57

    Deluxe Travel Manicure Set

  • M55

    Travel Manicure Set

  • FS35

    Inflatable Portable Foot Spa Set

  • M15

    Hand Held Mirror

  • C215

    Styling Comb

  • BS35

    Bed Socks

  • HT100

    Microfibre Hair Turban

  • C910

    9 Inch Comb

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